What We Can Do For You

Corporate Governance Assistance

HR Policies & Procedures

We provide your business with the necessary resources to help it maintain HR compliance. Our team is available to assist with developing employee procedures and help you avoid potential liability.

Shareholders Agreements

We assist with preparation of legal documentation where shareholders are held accountable to specific terms and conditions. We help ensure this document covers all details regarding the shareholders’ rights.

Employment Contracts

We develop the agreement between your business and its employees. This agreement establishes rights and responsibilities, along with all details regarding the entire compensation package.

Target & Deliverables

We help determine and set key goals to align with shared stakeholder expectations. Flexible practices and smart baselines are created so that you can produce deliverables to help you reach those goals.

Expense Policies

Our team helps you determine how employees will be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of your company. Guidelines will be formed on allowable expenses and limits as well as reporting requirements.

Corporate Culture & Retention

We offer consulting and guidance on maintaining a positive corporate culture throughout your entire organization. Retain valuable employees and avoid the increasing cost of rehiring premium talent.

Financial and Business Modelling

Competitive & Industry Analysis

Strategy development to help identify key trends taking place in your company’s specific industry. Utilize this analysis to allocate resources, reach goals, and improve positioning against the competition.

Growth Drivers

In-depth analysis to determine how to strengthen your brand, increase market share, and maintain sustainability. Review of measurable factors that indicate how your business is performing and its progress.

Financial Statement Analysis

Full review of your company’s financial statements to determine its health and make informed business decisions. We evaluate overall financial performance, manage finances, and determine the company’s value.

Management Team Assessment

Assess your entire organization’s management staff to help identify strengths and weaknesses and the resulting impact. Our team will provide advice on resolving issues and determining areas of improvement.

Succession Planning

Identifying the leaders who will take over once the current executives leave or retire. We can help improve the sustainability of your company as new leaders are prepared for their eventual roles.

Range Of Value Analysis (Sellability/Value)

Determination of the value of your organization. Utilize this valuation for taxation purposes, establishing partner ownership, or in the event the business is in the process of a merger or acquisition.

Ongoing Management Advisory


We meet with all interested parties to better understand your business and its specific needs and goals. Our team will ask questions and assist you with improving efficiencies, growth, and profitability.


Once we have reviewed and collected all of the necessary information, we will provide you with a detailed roadmap. We are available to remedy any concerns and ensure the plan is actionable and remains relevant as your company grows.


We help you put the plan into action and develop specific timelines for each milestone so that you can easily track progress. When factors change, we will make adjustments when and where needed to ensure success.


Regular meetings are scheduled to ensure your organization’s specific plan stays on track. Our team will review progress, analyze results, and set a course of action to implement changes where needed.

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