What DOES "Executive Solutions to Corporate Challenges" mean?
IWG Corporate Services is a multi-family office with an in-house team of experienced professionals, specializing in various departments common to most businesses.

Should you need assistance with say, Bookkeeping, Marketing or Human
Resources, we have the expertise to do it for you.

We are Your Solution.

In today's new employment landscape, where employees are hard to find, it makes more sense to
outsource and pay only for the services you use,
rather than advertising, hiring, training and paying for a full-time person.

We provide a monthly subscription for corporate services, so you can
use any combination of services for only the amount you need them.

Our Services are available as "a-la-carté"
and are individually listed below.

“Executive Solutions to Corporate Challenges”
  • Organizational Health Assessment© (OHA)
  • IWG Strategic Flightplan©

These two signature products assist business owners to focus on the important operational priorities.

Organizational Health Assessment© (OHA)

Organizational Health Assessment (OHA):

  • Is an indispensable investment into your business.
  • Is a valuable tool for identifying issues to focus on in order to professionalize your operations.
  • Identifies many common governance issues overlooked by organizations.
  • Ensure policies in Human Resources or Occupational Health are in place to protect a business from potentially expensive problems or risks.
  • Increase efficiency, sales & shareholder or owner equity.
  • Determines if you have proper marketing initiatives in place.

We offer this assessment at a preferred rate, since it is critical for every business to undergo an independent, outside third-party evaluation without inside prejudices and beliefs.

  • The OHA covers 90+ questions about your business operations.
  • Our in-house team evaluates your answers to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
  • You receive a report summarizing the top priorities in each department to ensure you are operating as efficiently and profitably as possible.

IWG Strategic Flightplan©

  • Our strategic Flightplan© is a "deep-dive" evaluation of all your policies, procedures and operations.
  • This option is available after an OHA has been conducted on your business.
  • You receive a multi-phase, prioritized action list for each department to take your business to the next level.
  • A monthly subscription to our corporate services is available to help if you lack the team resources internally.

Corporate Governance Assistance

  • Business Start-up Packages for Partnerships and Incorporations
  • Corporate Structuring & Documentation
  • Relationship Management for Partnership Agreements, Buy-Sell Agreements & More
  • Targets & Deliverables to set S.M.A.R.T Goals
  • Investment & Insurance Strategies for Tax efficiencies
  • Succession and/or Exit Planning Services

Financial & Business Modeling

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping services
  • Quickbooks Certified Trainers
  • Monthly Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • Payroll Services and Source Deductions
  • GST, PST and WorkSafeBC Remittances
  • Assistance with Inventory Tracking
  • Identifying Growth Drivers

Human Resources & Management Services

  • Job Descriptions, Employment Contracts and NDA’s
  • Policies & Procedures compliant with government regulations
  • Expense Policies, Social Media, Electronics Usage and more
  • Developing Corporate Culture & Retention Strategies
  • Employee Benefit Packages
  • Departmental Hierarchies and Management Assessments
  • Employee Recruitment, Screening and On-boarding Services

Marketing & Branding

  • Identifying Vision & Mission Statements and Corporate Values
  • Creating a Distinctive Brand Package
  • Target Market Identification & Research plus Industry Research
  • Building a Marketing Strategy and Budget
  • Social Media Content and Scheduling
  • Content Creation (Writing & Design)

Paralegal Assistance

  • Estate Planning (Wills, Power of Attorney, Representative Agreements)
  • Executor Assistance with Probate Applications and Administering the Estate.
  • Family Trusts to preserve generational wealth
  • Planned Giving options
  • Preparation of Contracts for Personal or Corporate entities
  • In-house Paralegals

Business Development & Sales

  • Identification and Implementation of Growth Drivers
  • Sales Team to open up New Markets
  • Assistance with CRM Implementation
  • Competitive Analysis and Research
  • New Product market-testing

Succession Planning

  • Range of Value services (Saleability & Exit Value)
  • Professionalize businesses for sale
  • Access to Buyers (and Capital) looking for businesses
  • Merger & Acquisition services
  • Preparing younger family members for eventual takeover of business & Ensuring efficient Tax Strategies for the transition

Business Operations & Administrative Assistance

  • Temporary Coverage for Admins on holidays or sick leave
  • Administration assistance for data entry & other tasks
  • Coverage while Admins are out of the office for training, or team retreats, etc.
  • One-Time Jobs - data entry, create checklists, etc.

Health & Safety Evaluation

  • Establishing a Health & Safety committee or person as required by WorkSafeBC
  • Risk assessment & analysis
  • Emergency and contingency plans in place
  • Ergonomic assessments and solutions
  • Identify staff member(s) with first-aid training
  • Regular safety drills and identified muster stations to report to.
“Executive Solutions to Corporate Challenges”

Pay only for the services you need.

Use your IWG Services subscription credit towards the time
you use in each department.