Finding solutions to your business challenges is our specialty.
We guide you through the process of discovering
whatever is blocking your business success!

Let’s MAKE YOU MONEY in Your Business

  • Do you need help in your business?
  • Do you need people to help you do the work?

That’s us... We Can Do the Work for You!!

Get an Organizational Health Assessment Today!

  • You want to grow your business
  • You are thinking of selling your business
  • Your departments are under-performing
  • You need to improve your efficiency
  • Your business plan needs updating
  • You don’t know where to focus your resources
  • You are running your entire business by yourself
  • Your family will be taking over the business

What Keeps You Awake at Night?

  • Balancing the Books
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Finding Reliable Employees
  • Paying the Bills
  • Lack of Capital
  • Partnership / Investor Issues
  • New Competitors
  • Technology Issues
  • Training Employees
  • Attracting new Customers
  • Keeping existing Customers
  • Marketing Challenges
  • Legal Challenges
  • Marketing or Branding Issues
  • Taking a Vacation for Yourself
  • Doing too much Yourself, etc.

Operating your own business enterprise is very rewarding, but can also be an overwhelming challenge.

Whether you are experiencing unprecedented growth and success, or facing difficult challenges, there are times when an extra guiding hand or second opinion from an outside perspective is invaluable.

IWG Corporate Services provides clarity on where to focus your team and resources to achieve your goals and build a resilient business that operates efficiently.

We are here to simplify your life.

Our Tried & True Process


Health Assessment

This assessment is a comprehensive set of questions we work through with you, resulting in an in-depth analysis of your company, its goals, departments and systems. Our team goes through your answers and evaluates each area thoroughly.


Analyze Results

After reviewing your OHA, our team summarizes the results and gives you a report with our recommendations for improvement. Together we review & discuss these to get a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and where to focus future efforts.



After the Organizational health Assessment, you will know what areas of your business you need to professionalize, with our assistance.For help developing specific, prioritized recommendations,you will want a Strategic Flightplan© that dives deeper into your operations.



With a completed Flightplan©, you and your team can make the necessary adjustments to improve your business.
Our monthly subscription service helps you make the changes a reality & take your business to the next level.

  • IWG Corporate Services Client
    Getting an Organizational Health Assessment was the best investment I have made into my business. Once I knew where to put my focus, our team was able to improve our efficiency, cut costs and see an increase in sales.
    IWG Corporate Services Client

Let’s MAKE YOU MONEY in Your Business

Book your Organizational Health Assessment with IWG Corporate Services today, and start the process to identify where your business needs focus to improve your operations and make more money!

Here is What You Get:

  • One-on-one interview to complete the questionnaire
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your business operations
  • Rating on each department and our recommendations
  • Follow-up meeting to go over the results and discuss solutions
  • Opportunity to have our team implement the recommendations

Estimated value of the time & resources to produce
the OHA is in excess of $2,500.

All this expert service and a customized report
to improve your business for only $600

Organizational Health Assessment© (OHA)
and IWG Strategic Flightplan©

These two signature products assist business owners
to help them focus on the important operational priorities.

IWG Strategic Flightplan©

  • Once an OHA is completed, and you desire more specific
    actionable steps, our strategic Flightplan© is the next step.
  • The strategic Flightplan© is a “deep-dive” evaluation of all
    your legal documents, policies, procedures and operations.
  • You receive a multi-phase, prioritized action list for each
    department to take your business to the next level.